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This instruction will guide you to quickly using Director, write your own MR scripts and collaborative play them. 

The free trial time is 30 days after registration.

Quick Guidance

'Get Started

1. Register trial account

Click the button on the right to visit the DCS website, click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the upper right conner of the website, complete the registration.

2. Instal Director

The DataMesh Director consists of two parts: Editor and Player.

Editor’s editing permissions need to be completed on the PC, including uploading, editing, cloud generation. Player support the most platform, including but not limited to: HoloLens 1/2, PC, mobile phone (iOS), etc.. In the different needs of trial scenarios, we provide you with the related software, you can searsh for ‘DataMesh Player’ in the application store of the playback device.  

'Director Editor

Click ‘Director Editor’ on the right to download the installation package and open it after decompression. Please refer to the hardware standard before installation.

'Director Player

  • Open the Microsoft Store on HoloLens 2, search ‘DataMesh Player’ and download it.
  • Click ‘Player-HoloLens 2 ‘ on the right to download it.
  • You can experience the MR of DIrector through your mobile phone, if you do not have HoloLens 2.
  • Open the iOS AppStore, search for ‘DataMesh Player’ and download it.

If you would like to try the Player on the other device: please click the ‘Player-PC’ on the right to download the PC version Player.

3. Upload the models

Before you experience the Director Editor, you need to upload the 3D models to the platform, then compile the model and create the script.

First, you need to select the model you want to edit and upload it to the DCS website.

If you do not have any model, just download the our trial model to use. Click the button on the right or ‘’ to download the aircraft engine model.

Before you use your own model, please read our model standards.

Click the button on the right or link ‘’ to access the Library (model library). After signning in, click ‘Upload’ to upload the model.

Enter the model’s information and click ‘Confirm’ to upload.

4. Product Trial

Edit the script

1. Open Director Editor, a new default project will be created for you.

3. Click on the model in the central area to adjust it and edit the script.

2. Select the required model from the resource area on the left and drag it into the scene area.

4. After editing, click 'Pubilish' under 'File', and save the project to the cloud for subsequent playback.

Play the script (iOS version)


Open the app and find a plane by moving the device.


Type in the registered account and password to log in.


Enter the list and click the “+” sign to creat a new room.


Select the script on the left to play.


Drag the space anchor and the white ball to adjust the position.


After loading of the script, click the 'play' button to start play.


The situation is as below, the lower row buttons can control the playback.

Play the script (HoloLens2 version)

1. Open the app and enter your account and passward.
5. After the script is loaded, click the 'play' button to strat.
2. Enter the room list, and click the "+" button to add a room.
6. The model will start playing according to the preset position.
3. Select the script to play in the list of left side.
7. Click the 'next page' button to enter the next scene.
4. Drag the space anchor and the white ball to adjust the position for playback.
8. The final effect of playback can be customized.

The use of specific functions

Director Tutorial

For more product features and tutorials, we will continue to update for you.

If you have any questiones

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