Mixed Reality Solution for Expo & Presentation, VIP experience
DataMesh HoloHub

Why HoloHub

Mixed Reality Modules to be customized to suite your demostration needs

At Scene Experience

Future homeowners can picture 3D design on the real land. Potential customer can get to know new car model and parts in Mixed Reality show room. Scientist can view and analyze environment of remote area, high risk facility and outer space.

Reduce Cost in Planning & Research

Integrated with data solution, simulate model and optimize design before building real car, operating room, building, public facility, even spacecraft or power station.

Eye Candy for Executive & Customer

Leverage 3D content interaction in presentation, event, design, performance, and expo. Attract executives' attention at first glance.

Awesome, awesome experience
DataMesh HoloHub

Feature Highlight

DataMesh HoloHub can be tailored to suite your training needs with ease.

Training of the Future

Create MR Courseware with 1-click
Mixed Reality Capture up to 4K
VR Content Compatibility
Distribute through Cloud

Collaboration in Mixed Reality

Courseware and live training
Shared View with Cross Device Capability
Voice Command in Multiple Language
Annotation in 3D

Flexible Infrastructure

Private and Public Cloud Deployment
Bandwidth Optimization
Support up to a thousand devices
Usage data collection and analysis


Infinity Possibilities

Licensing and Customization

Customize DataMesh HoloHub to suite your training needs


  • Cloud Deployment
  • Private Deployment
  • Container Deployment
  • VIP Support


  • Infrastructure Integration
  • Model Optimization
  • Script Editing
  • Content Import


  • Email Support
  • Forum Support
  • Phone Support
  • Onsite Support
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