VR/AR/MR Training & Education
DataMesh Director

Why Director

Director vs. Traditional Learning

3D Learning

Blend 3D training content with real environment. Simulate real practice environment and scenario. Collaborate with study group and fun experience.

Cost Saving

Save cost to build real world training/education model. Remote and on demand design saves time and travel cost. Low cost in courseware update.

Easy to Scale

Support multiple VR/AR/MR devices, cardboard, tablet and mobile phone. Cloud 3D content storage and distribution. Simple equipment request. Simple and quick set up for teacher and trainer

Accessible Future Solution and Fun Experience
DataMesh Director

Feature Highlight

DataMesh Director can be tailored to suite your training needs with ease.

Training of the Future

Create MR Courseware with 1-click
Mixed Reality Capture up to 4K
VR Content Compatibility
Distribute through Cloud

Collaboration in Mixed Reality

Courseware and live training
Shared View with Cross Device Capability
Voice Command in Multiple Language
Annotation in 3D

Flexible Infrastructure

Private and Public Cloud Deployment
Bandwidth Optimization
Support up to a thousand devices
Usage data collection and analysis


Infinity Possibilities

Licensing and Customization

Customize DataMesh Director to suite your training needs


  • Cloud Deployment
  • Private Deployment
  • Container Deployment
  • VIP Support


  • Infrastructure Integration
  • Model Optimization
  • Script Editing
  • Content Import


  • Email Support
  • Forum Support
  • Phone Support
  • Onsite Support
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