From Enterprise Data Analysis to Mixed Reality, an One-stop Shop to Connect Everything
DataMesh DataMix

Feature Highlight

DataMesh DataMix provides a full set of tools and services to enable enterprise mixed reality future.

Enterprise Mixed Reality

Multi-User Collaboration
MRC Encoding and Streaming
Content Storage and Distribution
Device and Equipment Integration

Big Data Integration

Structure and Unstructure Data Storage
Continuous Integration
Tagging and Metadata Management
Monitoring and Alerts

Analytic Workbench

Python and R Support
Groups, Roles and Permission
Pluggable Interface
Machine Learning Ready

LOB Integration

Directory Mapping
SharePoint Adaptor
Open Source Toolkit
Comprehensive SDK

Cloud Deployment

Azure & AWS Deployment
Private &Hybrid Support
Cloud Management Console

Data Visualization

Quick Charts
OData v3/v4 Output
Excel & PowerBI Integration
Unity 3D Parser

DataMesh DataMix
Connect Data and Mixed Reality.

When enterprise data connected to Mixed Reality

DataMesh DataMix is the first product built for integration of data and Mixed Reality

Big Data

Integrate and analyze internal and external data. Discover potential value of existing data for enterprise customer

Knowledge Management & Visualization

Cloud storage to store, index and distribute content. SharePoint Adaptor to enable Knowledge management and enterprise content management scenarios. Toolkit for Data Scientist. Quick data visualization.

Cross-Platform Collaboration

With DataMix, we connect Mixed Reality to other platforms, to perfectly present your content on all VR/AR headsets, tablets, mobile phones and even cardboard glasses, anytime, anywhere.


Connect data, story and device. Finger or voice to give command. Leverage data to monitor machine status. Mixed Reality to simulate design result.

Usage Cases

Infinite Possibilities

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