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Digital Twin Empowers BIM – DataMesh and TIS Help Obayashi Corporation Complete MR Technical Support for Building Construction Process

Obayashi Group has successfully introduced DataMesh Director, a DataMesh digital twin platform service, to empower frontline personnel with BIM data combined with mixed reality technology to improve construction processes’ efficiency on its construction sites. Behind the scene, this is a collaboration result between DataMesh Corporation and TIS Corporation. Obayashi Group is one of the top five general construction companies in Japan, ranking first in total assets and revenue.

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DataMesh Director

DataMesh joins Microsoft Mixed Reality DMP

DataMesh has been accepted as a new Microsoft Mixed Reality DMP (Distributor-Managed Partner). DMP enables DataMesh to co-sell Microsoft HoloLens products with DataMesh apps globally, and support our customers virtually anywhere in the world.

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DataMesh Director + HoloLens 2 Bundle

DataMesh Director + HoloLens 2 Bundle now shipping! The bundle enables off-the-job training, on-the-job guidance, after-sales support, and marketing scenarios with Mixed Reality. The solution has been deployed in several Fortune 500 companies.

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