DataMesh Director

Digital Twin Remote Platform

Import different types of 3D files in a low-cost way, perform content editing and process production of 3D models in a fool-like way, and the generated MR content can correspond to industrial entities for operation guidance, training and education, remote communication, product after-sales service, etc.

DataMesh Director is composed of content creation DataMesh Studio and collaboration app DataMesh One.  DataMesh Studio supports MacOSX, iPadOS and Microsoft Windows 10. DataMesh One App is available on Apple iOS App Store, Android APK, Microsoft Store, Nreal, LLVision, Shadowcreator, Magic Leap. 

Low-cost content import

DataMesh Director supports the import of multiple formats of CAD files, and perform data restoration, format conversion, and lightweight processing with 3D digital models

Simple editing operation

Easy to learn, design logic is similar to the production of PPT, can help companies quickly complete tasks such as 3D training guidance, explanations, sales persentations, etc., reducing the cost of content production significantly

Enterprise-level authentication

Secure real-time data binding, quick and straightforward digital twin entity mapping, enterprise-level authorization and authentication, high-speed cloud data processing and resource management, high concurrent synchronization operation capabilities are provided out-of-the box.

Mixed Reality contents display

provide users with profound information and operation processes, to help employees break the barriers of communication between people and people or people and machines, and reducing the cost greatly

Cloud resource management

The collaborative presentation and playback supports hundreds of users to participate in the conference at the same time with the cloud services.

Multi-device scenario

DataMesh Director supports mainstream AR/MR devices, mobile phones and tablet PC. Empower digital transformation in remote collaboration, training, guidance, support, maintenance and sales.

CES Asia Product Innovation Award

FASTCOMPANY Best Innovation Design Award


Empower your business

Remote collaboration

Remote collaboration

Large scale multi-user mixed reality remote collaboration with cross-device support. Optimized network stack to support real-time 3D content collaboration, reducing ineffective communication

Teaching and training

Teaching and training

Fast 3D content and courseware editing, zero code required, entry-level user-friendly, reducing training TCO

After-sales support

After-sales support

The combination of virtual and real product operation steps to improve the after-sales service experience, reduce costs, increase efficiency

Layout planning

Layout planning

1: 1 scene restoration, factory manufacturing line planning, public space design, and support for BIM integration

AR Experience

AR Experience

Improve your e-commerce conversion rate with large-space mixed reality collaboration experience, a quick demonstration of product capability through the 3D presentation, first-person and spectator view mixed reality HD video recording

remote medical

Remote medical

Remote consultation, coordination of expert, efficient communication, MR collaboration, Maximize resource utilization

Supported Devices

DataMesh Director can be displayed and operated collaboratively on different platforms, including but not limited to PC, HoloLens1/2, Magic Leap, Surface, iPhone, iPad, Google Glass, Oculus Quest, BT-300, etc.

DataMesh Director recommends to  Microsoft Azure as bottom layer cloud platform.

Product Highlight Updates

Multi-Type 3D/2D Material Import

Import complex CAD files of any type and quickly transform into the simplest unified mode

High Speed Model Processing

7 times faster than ordinary AR models, and provides professional acceleration services for specific scenarios

One-Click Sectioning and Decomposition

Supports decomposition of complex 3D models into exploded and sliced views showing intricate internal structures, improving training efficiency and design communication

Cloud Resource Management

Supports AAD (AzureAD) third-party login and stable, safe cloud data processing services

MR Rendering and Spatial Positioning

Quickly view objects and scenes in real space, allowing for collaboration in training, after-sales support, and remote communication

Collaborative Playback on Multiple Devices

Remote collaboration from anywhere, allowing hundreds of users to work together simultaneously

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Generated content can be published in the form of AR to Android, iOS, XR glasses, and more

Third Party Product Compatibility

Supports the simultaneous use of third-party software and hardware products, allowing for a greater accessibility to MR remote 3D collaboration

MR Large Space Experience

Supports the simultaneous use of third-party software and hardware products, allowing for a greater accessibility to MR remote 3D collaboration

Product Service

Specialized consultation service

Customized solution

Data security

Stable service support

Make an appointment of consultant online for free, and provide professional MR consulting solution

Provide customized services for different scenarios of different users

Provide stable technical service for corporate
data to protect user data security and privacy

Provides long-term and stable service support by Professional team