DataMesh Director

Mixed Reality Design & Collaboration Platform

DataMesh Director platform combines Mixed Reality content storage, storybook editor, cross device player and sharing services together, enable enterprise users to quickly design and publish Mixed Reality apps using their own 3D content.

Learning in 3D

Blend 3D training content with real environment. Simulate real practice environment and scenario. Collaborate with study group and fun experience.

Cost Saving

Save cost to build real world training/education model. Remote and on demand design saves time and travel cost. Low cost in courseware update.

Easy to Scale

Support multiple VR/AR/MR devices, cardboard, tablet and mobile phone. Cloud 3D content storage and distribution. Simple equipment request. Simple and quick set up for teacher and trainer

Remote Support

Integration with Remote Expert and More!

Empower Your CAD Data

Training & Guidance

DataMesh Director Mixed Reality Training helps users get training scenario data and view and run specific demos from any angle. Users can learn from anywhere without the actual operation of a holographic professor or an interactive shared 3D virtual system.​

Research & Development

DataMesh Live! supports real-time mixed-reality capture, which allows real-time playback of images seen in mixed-reality headsets (such as Microsoft HoloLens) to any screen through a third-party perspective provided by professional cameras, so that you don’t wear a mixed reality headset. The equipment personnel can also see the shocking projection effect of the holographic object in reality.​

Layout Planning

Based on the spatial capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens & DataMesh Live!, enterprise users can drop 3D objects into real world easily. With the design and planning features of DataMesh Director, hologram story-telling in real environment is no longer a dream.

DataMesh Director and Microsoft HoloLens helped us on the vision of Transparent Factory, creating digital twin of our mfg. lines.

Business Manager

GAC Honda


We generally license our software using Nodes/Consumption model. For on-premise, per-node license is used. Each node can process certain numbers of data items. There is a service assurance fee per year. 

1-2 months, depending on the scope. If you are building custom apps using Director platform, planning and design time should also be considered.

Contact our consultant team and create a high level deployment plan! We will help you to define each milestones to make sure your project to be successful. 

DataMesh Director recommends Microsoft Azure as IaaS layer.