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Our History

September 2014, the company was registered. Because the Prime Minister of China called on the public to start random business, it was a terrible headache to recruit the right employee.

March 2015, the company officially opened, but the company door was locked by the president, so the first thing is to dissemble the door.

November 2015, DataMesh disclosed the BDaaS big data as a service concept at Microsoft Conference.

April 2016, DataMesh’s work on data and knowledge maps was recognized by IDG Capital Partners, and IDG led the round A investment. In the same period, we got Microsoft’s first batch of Microsoft HoloLens and started to experiment with the perspective of mixed reality data visualization. Really not secretly playing, um.

September 2016, we decided to take the development direction of the combination of mixed reality and data science in technology, enter the automotive industry, and assist Porsche to develop a mixed reality display solution for the Shanghai Experience Center.

May 2017, DataMesh assisted Microsoft in launching Microsoft HoloLens in China. Porsche became the only customer case in China. At the same time, it released the MeshExpert series (later renamed DataMix, Live!, etc.) and officially went commercial.

July 2017, DataMesh was selected for the tenth phase of the Microsoft Accelerator.

October 2017, DataMesh received the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Certification. DataMesh DataMix won the bid for Beijing Benz Digital Assistant.

December 2017, DataMesh was invited by the Central Network Office to participate in the World Internet Conference and deliver a speech at the 5G Connected Forum. “Large Connection and Mixed Reality in Industrial Applications”

January 2018, DataMesh won the MIC50 award by FastCompany  (China’s Best Innovative Company 50)

May 2018, Microsoft invited DataMesh MR+AI solution to be exhibited at Build 2018.

June 2018, CES Asia 2018 awarded the Best AR Innovation Company to DataMesh, DataMesh Live! also received the Innovation Product Award.

July 2018, we were invited to participate in the Microsoft Global Partner Conference and participate in the MRPP Panel to share experiences with partners.

September 2018, DataMesh Japan successfully signed a number of heavyweight customers and partners in Japan.

November 2018, DataMesh won the Microsoft Cloud Gold certification and Co-Sell qualification. We were once again invited by the Internet Office to participate in the Industrial Internet of Things Forum to explore how the combination of knowledge maps, mixed reality and industrial Internet of Things can help front-line personnel improve efficiency. DataMesh Director wins FastCompany Innovation Design Award.



People can’t do much in a lifetime. If you can do that a little bit and let the human being takes a small step forward, your life is worthy.

Jie Li



Hao Wu


We can do.


Fengming Liu

Corporate VP, GE

Mr. Fengming Liu advises DataMesh on industry experiences and international business management. Mr. Liu was the corporate VP of GE. Before GE, Mr. Liu was a researcher for Havard. Mr. Liu worked for Micosoft for 14 years. He was Microsoft VP for Greater China.

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